Are you ready for a sex robot ??!

Meet Samantha. She is a Sexbot. A cutting edge robot that  likes to be touched and has different modes of interaction. And the money shot is that she can synchronize orgasms with you. She also has a mode that allows her to say No to sex!
Meet Harmony She is one of the most advanced sex robots with AI capabilities. If you yearn to be sexual with a realistic – looking  sex mannequin, who can chat with you, track you with  her eyes, and even move a little, Harmony is your gal of choice. Talking about choice, you get full control over Harmony’s intimate parts. That’s right , a dream come true: you can let the manufacturer know exactly what size  vagina and anus  you want, choose your own mouth and of course breast and nipple size and shape.
Don’t be afraid. The Sexbots are here! Let’s talk about them and prepare for their arrival into your intimate lives. As I feel my own initial  discomfort with the realness and conundrums sexbots  bring in their wake, I am reminded of how society rebelled against and embraced,  the Oral Contraceptive Pill. That was one of the very first technological advances in  the late 20th century. Technological advances always bring this ambivalence into our hearts.
I state Viagra as the next huge technological advancement , circa 1998,  produced by a pharmaceutical company, namely Pfizer. Who imagined that it would be possible to give men a forced erection via a drug?!  Initially people were deeply suspicious .. and highly aroused. They did not hesitate to  spend money on  their sexuality – who would have thought ?!
Sex toys have rapidly advanced with new technology. Gone are the days of battery operated pink Rabbits. Welcome to the world of teledildonics. They have been created to match your relationship needs, long distance relationships, whether you live in the same house, different bedrooms or different cities and countries.  All you need is a specialised sex toy,   computer  or mobile, video camera, and transmitter and enjoy a visual sexual stimulation experience together.
The internet took technology  to another level,  bringing  us porn , cyber infidelity and sexting. As well as new pronouns, gender identities and fluid sexualities and an ability to connect with your kink  community online. Remember how in the beginning you were  simultaneously  afraid and seduced  by it and today it is part of your normative day to day lives.
And so it is with sexbots:   I predict that you will move from an initial discomfort and  judgment  to surreptitiously ordering your own custom designed Honey or Henry online from China. Why not?
I ask you to consider the following conundrums and give me your opinion  :
1. If you are seeking unconditional love and support, the feeling of a warm embrace, and you’re too shy, ill or lazy to get it from a human, would you consider  spending $20,000 and order your own Harmony?

2. Perhaps you are living in a sexless relationship , really love your partner and just want to have a sexual companion , a sexbot may well be the solution you seek.

3. Perhaps you have different sex drives, a difference in desire , would a sexbot not be  perfect solution ?

4. Would you or your partner consider it cheating if you were to  consensually buy a sexbot?

5. Do you think using  a sexbot is akin to using the services of a sex worker?

6. Do you consider it unethical to purchase a sexbot that is or looks under age?

7. Perhaps sexbots can be useful as companions to single people .After all marriage is a huge responsibility and who has time to invest in a committed relationship when you want to live a meaningful life?

8. Will it impede upon your ability to interact with real people?

9. Will it make you cocoon more ? In addition to Netflix and chill , sex toys and access to online chats, perhaps having your own customise sexbot   will make it no longer necessary to go out of our houses.

10. Do you think it will reduce violence against children and women ?

Lets look at what science says about the advantages and disadvantages of sex robots in your house and bed. A pair of British researchers decided to try and answer these questions. They found that sexbots might help safe sex, be therapeutic for people with sex or companionship problems, and might reduce sexual abuse of children.

But in the end, “we were unable to find any empirical evidence in the medical literature to support or refute any of these.”

Four main claims to “health” have been put forward to support sexbot use:

  • The devices might promote safer sex by helping to cut back on sex trafficking, sex tourism or the solicitation of prostitutes.
  • Sexbots might help users gain sexual knowledge and expertise – without the crippling pressure of real-life intimacy. Or they might bring relief to those suffering from a range of sexually-related struggles, including erectile dysfunction, libido irregularity, loneliness or disability.
  • Sexbots might somehow be used as a therapeutic intervention for paedophiles and other sex offenders.
  • Sexbots might help dissuade users from acting on the urge to rape or engage in any form of non-consensual sex.

But a systemic search through appropriate research databases turned up no proof for these claims, the British researchers  reported in BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health.

They then sought evidence for  “anti-sexbot” theories that:

  • They would cause men to expect real women to be constantly available for sex.
  • The airbrushed and largely hairless features of sexbots might promote unrealistic expectations of beauty.
  • Sexbots might actually increase the urge to inflict sexual violence on real people.

But there was simply too little evidence available to support or deny these claims, the researchers found.

Since we cannot yet turn to science to give us definitive answers to whether or not sexbots are healthy or unhealthy for us, we are left to make up our own minds.

My mind tells me this:  Sexbots  are anti feminist, furthering the notion that a woman is like a machine. I abhor the customisation and thus commodification this entrenches into our idea of women. Pedobots should be made illegal. I rebel against the idea of men controlling women’s speech, dress,appearance, movements and sexual bodies. We seek connection but this connection needs to be reciprocal and mutual to make us feel embodied and whole humans. Programming your favourite sexbot to tell you what you want to hear is alienating , and very sad.

My mind also tells me : that taking sexual pressure out of marriages may well make a marriage happy and companionable. That mutually and consensually agreeing to a sexbot is better than infidelity. That falling in love with your sexbot may feel less threatening  than falling in love with your lover. That the rate of HIV/AIDS/STI’s will rapidly drop and so will the rate of marriage as singletons come home to their sexbots. That since consensual non monogamy is rapidly becoming the dominant institution , sexbots may well generate less jealousy than real life partners. Mmm. I need to rethink that as jealousy is as a result of time stolen from one person to give to another person / work/project.

Right now Im saving for my next trip to New York to see my real life partner and check what he is hiding in his closet ! The  Sex Robots are here !