Cyber infidelity

Understanding and management

A cutting edge workshop based on my original research, I will provide you with new language and concepts to understand Cyber Infidelity (CI). CI occurs insidiously and silently, even unintentionally.

As health care providers we cannot ignore the online lives of our clients. Within the framework of contemporary intimacies, This exciting and challenging workshop enables you to access and manage clients online sexual and relational behavior.

Outline of the workshop

  1. Understand the difference between In Real Life Infidelity and CI.

  2. Define and understand the primary concepts of CI.

  3. Outline a CI assessment of all clients.

  4. Describe management protocols for couples presenting with CI.

  1. Consider traditional mono hetero normation values of monogamy, commitment and sexual fidelity.

  2. Basic understanding of contemporary intimacies.

  3. Principles of contemporary intimacies, namely boundaries, rules and agreements.

  4. Skills on designing client centric relationships.


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