Intimate Betrayals

Ive been thinking  a lot about “betrayal”. As a couple and sex therapist working with the trauma of sexual and emotional infidelity , it is easy for me to be side tracked into seeing infidelity  as the primary form of betrayal. This is a  narrow lens within which to view betrayal.  I want to expand the lens and consider the many other forms of betrayal that impact on our intimate relationships.
 Right now I offer you with an opportunity  to consider  your own value system  concerning intimate betrayals . Tick off NO/YES if you think this is betrayal or not: My partner >
1. withholds sexual activity from me
2. constantly criticises me
3.  uses our joint finances secretively
4.  uses our joint finances unilaterally
5.  withholds affection from me
6.  withholds  personal relevant past history from me
7.  withholds time from me through over work or socialising separately
8. does not keep religious commitments
9. withholds emotional closeness from me
10. is aways angry with me
11. other
Lets linger with “withholding sexual activity” as a form of intimate betrayal. On meeting , crushing, courting and falling in love and fascination with each other, sexual activity is (or should be) rampant, urgent and mutually reciprocated. Unless you agree to a committed relationship based in friendship, platonic and open to outside sexual relationships, universally you feel entitled to ongoing, even frequent,  sexual activity as a mainstay of your relationship.
The  pain begins as a slow disappointment , especially for men in hetero- normative relationships. They are taught that they have a higher drive than women so gear themselves to accept a low level of sexual frustration – and resort to masturbation as a way of avoiding infidelity . But how many nights, months and years of “not tonight honey” is acceptable ? Surely at some point these men are entitled to feel that they have been betrayed by the woman who is withholding expected sexual play.
And the reverse is true: the woman who commits to a hetero normative man expects hard – ready-to-go all night long 3 rounds of manhood.  For sure this is an unrealistic expectation . However she feels deep betrayal when he does not erect,  and does not seek out medical intervention to attend to his sexual difficulty and deprives her of sexual activity and satisfaction for which she longs.
How about the lesbian couple in which one asks her partner 2 years into the relationship  to be penetrated vaginally by a strap on dildo. Nothing unusual here.  She then openly begins to watch heterosexual porn , also nothing unusual here,  and finally brings home a man to penetrate her.  Not unusual either. Remember we are all so fluid in our sexual orientation . However her partner feels betrayed since she signed up for an exclusive woman on woman sexual relationship.
Emotional withholding feels as searing a pain as sexual withholding . Simply and essentially people want the three A’s: acknowledgement, affection , attention. Withholding these basic emotional cornerstones of a relationship feels like  a breaking of a promise . Isolation, loneliness and a stony heart follows this neglect. Imagine never receiving  a compliment, a hand on your shoulder, or  having a partner who lacks attentiveness as you share your daily stories.
If you’ve ever felt  any of these betrayals by a lover in a committed relationship, you know all too well that intimate betrayal is a pain unlike any other, striking at the core of our capacity to trust and feel safe within the sanctity relationship promises.
 1. Be honest about your emotional and sexual needs as they arise.
2. Find creative means to manage sexual disparities
2. The risk of being honest is better than the pain that will follow dishonesty
3. Have financial agreements in place – violation of finances cuts deeply
4. Gender equity must be the foundation upon which any relationship is laid. Agree upon this . Or get out as you  will be setting yourself up for abuse if you stay
5. Have realistic expectations about your own sexuality as it fluctuates over time and age. Share them with your partner rather than turning your back and making him/her feel betrayed.
6. Verbal aggression, criticism, stonewalling  towards your partner, are betrayals , are a sign of disrespect and indecency .
7. Commitment , whether it is for a few hours or a life time, implies presence with an -other. Sexually and emotionally.  Think hard before you make this commitment
8. Feelings of entitlement violate intimacy and ultimately destroy trust.
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